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About Andrade's

My name is Victor Andrade, and I am the owner of Andrade’s Landscaping.

I emigrated to the United States more than 27 years ago. Like many immigrants full of dreams, dreams that are not always easy to fulfill, I worked in factories and restaurants until one day I decided to work in landscaping. I realized that this job kept me close to nature and I have been dedicated to the practice ever since.


I worked under another company for over 20 years before finally deciding that it was time for me to start my own. Waterfall Landscaping was a great company to work with, but as many others did, we suffered during the days of the pandemic. I will always be grateful for my time there because after all these years, I have perfected the skills required to do this beautiful work. Thanks to God, my former boss, and my friends, my family and I are starting up this business. I hope with love to be able to work with you both responsibly and respectfully.

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Personality and values

I am a serious and hardworking person. Always responsible and respectful, honest and humble, I like to work with dedication and care. I like my customers to feel happy with the results and take pride in their property.

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